Why Is It A Good Time To Buy A Home In Las Vegas

Dated: 06/25/2019

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Why is it a good time to buy a home in Las Vegas? Why are buyers not buying homes in Las Vegas? INTEREST RATES ARE BELOW 4%! SELLERS ARE BACK TO PAYING CLOSING COSTS! SELLERS ARE WILLING TO MAKE DEALS HAPPEN now that homes are sitting on the market longer... Why are buyers sitting on the fence? I have an opinion! Buyers do NOT want to buy a home today and it be worth 50-60% less tomorrow... PERIOD! I get it and I understand, I was there... BUT!

There isn't anything the same about 2008 and today's market! Most notably we have the jobs to support our current market! LV is #1 in the nation for the lowest unemployment rate! And from now through 2020 we will see jobs explode with all the projects set to open in our amazing city! We also do not have 100% financing or stated income like we had back than. Buyers have skin in the game. Do we all really think that these huge corporations would sink billions upon billions of dollars into a failing city? 

All the analyst's I've heard and spoken to all agree Las Vegas has a very bright future! Will we experience a "bad time"? Absolutely! It happens! But every money manager, analyst, banker I have spoken to all seem to think Vegas will come through the downturn with flying colors. Please keep this in mind... A 1% INCREASE IN THS RATE, NEGATES A 10% REDUCTION IN HOME VALUE... So while you buyers are waiting for the market to tank and the now low rate jumps (and it will) you will have lost $$ 

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of this housing market. Low rates, sellers willing to make deals and pay closing costs... In 5-7 years I promise you won't have any regrets! Call/text Daryl Hanna 702-218-4585  darylhanna@gmail.com

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