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Dated: December 21 2018

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Image titleFloors have become show pieces for well-decorated homes in recent years. This highlights the importance of your decision to change what you have, whether that means carpet or hardwood. It is no secret that hardwood floors are far and away the most popular flooring choice across the nation.

Realtors® confirm this is often a requirement of the homes that people want, and some screen actively out any homes that do not have hardwood flooring. In a recent (unscientific) survey on a Realtor’s® website, 95% of consumer respondents preferred hardwood for common living areas such as the living room, dining room, and family room.

If your hardwood flooring is hiding underneath carpet, rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors. It will instantaneously improve the value of your home and help it to sell faster. If you can’t afford to do all of it, or if it’s too inconvenient, at least start with one room to show buyers what the wood could look like.

Removing carpet to show hardwood floors is a step in the right direction. You may be pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost of refinishing hardwood, so it’s usually an investment that gets a strong ROI. It will certainly help sell your house faster.

CarpetImage title
Carpeting is the flooring that most of us grew up with. While hardwood had been the norm for many years prior, during the second half of the 20th century carpet quickly overcame bare wood, covering our bedrooms, living rooms, and even creeping into dining and bathroom areas. While carpeting has fallen out of favor in recent years, and is not the ideal seller it once was, carpet does still have many positive qualities.

They include the face that it absorbs sound better than any other option on the market, making it nice if you have young children or pets. It also retains heat better that a harder option, and is more comfortable to walk on when barefoot in general. Finally, it is considerably less expensive than many other options.

There are drawbacks, perhaps most visible among them the difficulty of keeping carpeting clean. In recent years, a related problem has come to the fore. The fact that carpets retain so much of the surrounding environment means that they also have been blamed for exacerbating allergy related problems and asthma.

Linoleum has fallen out of favor in recent years, giving way to tile and hardwood. It lends itself to design creativity as it is easy to cut into unique shapes and styles. However, that same design flexibility can lead homeowners to give into the temptation of trends and wind up dating their floors out of the market.

Ceramic Tile
Tile is one of the most durable options available. Tile is highly stain resistant and fairly inexpensive. Tile is also advantageous from a design perspective, as there is a nearly unlimited number of options available for Image titlecreating eye-catching designs.

Vinyl is commonly found in many kitchens and bathrooms in middle-class neighborhoods across the country. It is easy to clean if done quickly and is also the cheapest option available. If comfort is an issue, this is the most comfortable option other than carpet.

Unfortunately, that affordability comes at the price of durability and it is easily scratched. It can also be susceptible to water damage if it is laid down in time form as liquids will find their way between seams.

As stated, hardwood is easily the most popular choice for flooring today. Hardwood floors present a clean and distinguished look throughout the home. It is easy to clean, durable, and tends to be more comfortable than tile. There are negatives of course. Hardwood floors tend to be cold and not retain heat as well as other options.

Taking everything into consideration, if you can afford hardwood floors, get them. Buyers are looking for them and will even pass up homes without hardwood, regardless of their other virtues. Not only are they looking, but more than half of agents report that buyers are willing to pay more for a home with wood floors. You can go with an engineered wood or laminate floor, which provide many of the advantages of hardwood at less cost.

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