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Dated: 11/16/2018

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Home is Possible for Teachers    School, Books, Apples, Blackboard, Green Board

The State of NV has just came out with a new program to help teachers get into a new home.

As we know our teachers are very important to our community and often times underpaid and underfunded for the tools they need to do their job. They often times are coming out of pocket to buy supplies for their students and so a program like this is a small breath of fresh air for our teachers.

The Home is Possible DPA Program (Down Payment Assistance) gives up to $7500 towards the teachers down payment on a new home. It is a 0% 2nd mortgage with no monthly payments involved! If the teacher stays in the home for 5 years the money is forgiven. So after 5 years that money was completely FREE!! WOW!! I am so happy to see something like this hit our real estate market. Our teachers should have a home of their own as they work hard every day making sure our kids learn and its a proven fact that when someone owns their own home they are much happier with life in general.

If you have any questions please call me 702-218-4585 and if you know a teacher who may benefit from this please feel free to share... 

Would love to talk to you,

Daryl Hanna
The Batchelor Hanna Group

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