Retiring Soon Why Seniors Should Consider Las Vegas

Dated: April 12 2019

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If you’re approaching retirement and considering a new place to live, The city has a rowdy reputation - there’s no denying that - but retiring in Las Vegas is not as big of a gamble as people may think.

The metro area’s senior population has been growing rapidly for the past decade. As of the most recent U.S. census, the 65+ crowd in Clark County Nevada (where Las Vegas is located) reached 15% of the total population. It’s easy to understand why seniors choose Las Vegas for their retirement destination. Las Vegas offers endless sunshine, year-round warmth and a vibrant social scene. This is especially attractive for retirees looking to escape the harsh winters of the north.

Need more convincing? Below you’ll find three reasons why Las Vegas should be a top destination for retirees:

1. Seniors in Sin City Have Plenty to Do

Las Vegas is world famous for its casinos, renowned restaurants, shows and general nightlife. Many of these attractions offer senior discounts, which can help retirees enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas without breaking the bank. Even seniors who would rather avoid the gambling scene will find that the city offers plenty to do. Attractions such as the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, the National Atomic Testing Museum, and golf courses offer a great alternative for seniors. Retirees in Las Vegas will never want for things to do.

2. Las Vegas is Tax-Friendly for Retirees

Finances are an important consideration for anyone approaching retirement. Retirees who choose Las Vegas for retirement are lucky in that respect. According to consumer finance company SmartAsset, the state of Nevada is very tax-friendly toward retirees. This means you can expect your money to take you further in Las Vegas, which can help ensure you can live life comfortably during retirement.

There is no state income tax for people who live in Las Vegas, which means if you continue to work a bit during the earlier years of your retirement, you will be able to keep all your earnings in your wallet. Social security income and income from other retirement accounts are also untaxed, which is good news for any senior planning on surviving on just their fixed income during retirement. There is no estate or inheritance tax, either.

3. Las Vegas is Home to Several Different Senior Living Options

Buying a home might not make sense for you - and that’s totally okay. Retirees who do not want to deal with the hassles of home maintenance will be happy to hear that Las Vegas is home to many different senior living options. Picking the best choice for you depends entirely on your preferences and circumstances.

One option for retirees in Las Vegas is to move into a retirement community. Retirement communities afford seniors an opportunity to live independently without having the deal with the hassles of owning a home. A lot of retirement communities also offer fun amenities, such as swimming pools, dance and fitness classes, religious activities, organized games, billiards, and putting greens/golf courses. These amenities and services give retirees a feeling of home.

Another option for seniors who need assistance in certain areas of their lives is to move into an assisted living facility. There are more than 50 top-rated communities in Las Vegas and its surrounding neighborhoods. Assisted living facilities are an ideal option for seniors who need help with certain activities of daily living - such as bathing, getting dressed, managing medications or eating.

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Barbara Thompson

Senior Care Advocate

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